Simple portrait  of anattentive young woman. Full size original watercolor
Price: $750

The above paintings are samples of some of my work currently available. I have other paintings in my studio and galleries. Please inquire. I am able to accept payment through PayPal  PayPal will accept almost any credit card without requiring membership.

Two bakers on a break in front of a Bakery school in Vancouver B.C.  Full sheet original watercolor
Price: $850 

Store Front and Shadows

A Field of Memories

Mediterranian fence and palm and gate. Nearly full-sheet.

Price: $750


Heading Home

Winter Scene

Scene in Greece. Nearly full sheet original watercolor
Price: $850 



Carol Weiss - Original Watercolors

 I will soon post samples of original water color miniatures. Each is unique and hand painted, some are realistic, others more abstract. They are all painted on 140 lb. watercolor acid-free paper and will be lightly glued with rubber cement unto folding 4"6" cards. They will be individually signed by me and may be used as one-of-a kind art cards or easily unmounted for framing. Price for each original with envelope is $25 including shipping in the U.S. I will only post samples. These will not be the one(s) you receive, since each will be totally unique and individually  hand-painted.

Two girls in costume dancing at a festival Full sheet watercolor.

Price: $650


An original watercolor of a Europian Street Scene. It is a small picture , slightly less than a quarter sheet. I'm so fond of this picture that I still use it (and reserve the right to use it) on my current business card.
Price: $350

Backyard setting. Full size watercolor
Price: $950     


Just a little shy

Full size watercolor taken on a New York sidewalk.
Price $950​


Santorini Man

Afternoon Walk

Print Shop

Bakers Two

Painted on a cruise boat to Alaska. Full sheet original watercolor.

CAROL WEISS - Watercolors

Fine Arts Watercolors

Covered wagon in a street scene in Germany. Original full size watercolor
Price: $750

Last of a picnic outing on the Pacific NW shore. Full size original watercolor.
Price: $950 


Left Behind



Looking into a front yard through a street portal. Interesting composition and combination of colors. Full size original watercolor.
Price $950

Greek Festival

Old abandoned shop in a small NW town. Full sheet original watercolor.

Price: $800


AWS  NWS  NWWS WPW                                                                                                                       

2425 Lincoln
Bellingham, Washington 98225                                                          
(360) 733-9155                                                                                                                                            


Education          University of Colorado, Western Washington University, WCC

Art Education     John Ringen, Kay Wengi, Carl Christopherson, Christopher Schink, Charles Reid,

                          William Reese, Judy Betts, Carol Orr, Deanne Lemley, Arne Westerman, Frank Webb



                             American Watercolor Society(signature member)
in Societies           National Watercolor Society (signature member)

                             California Watercolor Society (signature member)

                             Women Painters of Washington (signature member)

                             Northwest Watercolor Society (signature member

                             North Coast Painters (founding member)


Solo and Joint        Blue Horse Gallery, North Coast Painters Exhibit, 201
Exhibit                   Piper Gallery, one-person Show (27 paintings), 2009    
                              Fourth Corner Gallery, Bellingham, 2007-2009
                              Scott Milo Gallery, Anacortes, 1998
                              Frye Art Museum (56 painting solo exhibit), Seattle, 1991
                              Northwest Invitational Art Exhibit, Sudden Valley, 1991, 92
                              G. B. Heron Gallery, Bellingham, 1985

 Juried Shows       Shenzehen International Biennial Watercolor Competition, China 2013
                             MONA Art Auction LaConnor, 1995-2015
                             Waterworks  92*, 94, 96, Seattle, Mercer Island, 2005 * Kirsten Gallery, 2008  Bellevue, 2009 * Bothell, 2011, 2013,2016
                             Janzen Art Gallery Invitational Show, 2012, 2013
                             Signature Show, NWWS, 1995, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2009,2011
                             133rd, 138th  and 143rd International Annual Exhibit, American Watercolor Society, New York, 2000, 2005, 2010
                             89th International Annual Exhibit, Brea, National Watercolor Society, 2009
                             Northwest Watercolor Society Annual Exhibit, 1986, 87, 92, 99, 2004, 2009 *
                             Loomis Gallery, Premier Exhibit, Blaine, 2009 

                             California Watercolor Society, Annual National Competition, 2003, 2009, 2016  

                             Puget Sound Country, Matzke Gallery 1986, Stillwater Gallery, 2003, Kirstin Gallery, Seattle, 2006
                             Eastside Association of Fine Arts, 2006
                             Eastern Washington Watercolor Society Show, Richland, 92*, 93, 94, 95, 01*, 02*, 03
                             Artisans 21, Chicago, 1997, 1998
                              "Des Americains on Sancerrois", Galerie l'Argile, Sancerre, France. 1997

                             Puget Sound Open, Frye Art Museum, Seattle, 1980, 87, 90, 92
                             Edmonds Art Festival, 1987, 88
                             Pacific Northwest Art Fair, Bellevue, 1981, 82, 83*, 85
                             Northwest International Competition, Bellingham, 1981, 84


In Town

This scene in Bellingham, WA caught my attention. I like the light and unusual canopy entry. Full sheet original watercolor
Price:  $1250

Nutritiion center faccade in blue. Original watercolor - full sheet

Price $1000


Original large size watercolor. Beautiful texture. Price: $1250

Lost in Thought


 Glad you caught my  new  home page. My name is Carol Weiss and  I do watercolors. I've been at it for a very long time and my paintings have found their way into private and public exhibits here and abroad. I'm a signature member of the American Watercolor Society (AWS) and the National Watercolor Society (NWS); attaining signature membership status is a highly competitive process and signifies that the artist has been granted the honor of using the initials of the endorsing society after their signature. I paint primarily for fellow painters; i.e., I enter juried competitions to be able to display my paintings at shows at the regional, national and international level (see my resume for a sample listing); most of my paintings are for sale and I am always honored to win some prize money and/ or awards along the way. I have recently been honored as one of the few American artists to be chosen for the 2014 Shenzhwan International Exhibition in China. Although many artists know me by name or person, I hope that this website will allow greater exposure for me and my work to the public.

I am putting samples of my work on this website; my paintings are fairly traditional and highly transparent, usually representative in appearance with an occasional abstract. At the present they sell for $400 - $2,500 depending upon size and complexity.

Painting sizes are based on full sheets of watercolor paper. With a matte border ranging from 2.5" x 4" the approximate dimensions are:

Full sheet: 28" x32" to 30"x38" (with matte and backing)

Half Sheet: up to 22"x26" (with matte and backing)

Quarter Sheets: about 15#x18" (with matte and backing)

I use only the highest quality professional watercolors and acid free paper. 

I also have a limited number of original prints of some of my original watercolors for at a considerably less cost than the originals. I have taught both privately and in group settings and am available for teaching workshops on watercolor techniques at all levels, as well as on specific subjects such as managing color and light, composition, the key to transparency, the transparent portrait, etc. I am also available as a juror for art shows and exhibits. Please contact me, if my background and/or art may be of interest to you. (see below)  

Full size original watercolor
taken on the streets of New York. 
Price $1050

Side Street


Soul Mates

Contemplation in a park. Nearly full sheet.
Price: $850

A street scene in a small town in Greece. I liked the composition and lighting. Full size original watercolor

Price $850

Full sheet original watercolor. One of my favorites. This painting was juried into an annual AWS show in New York

Price: $1750 matted

A scene at the Highland games.
I liked the composition and juxtaposition of the two figures
smallerwatercolor - about half-sheet
Price: $350

Older Greek man picking his crop of tomatoes. Full sheet original watercolor
Price $950

Center Stage

The  cards above are samples of reproductions of my original work.All are printed on heavy stock paper . They are directly printed from originals and fold open for writing your greetings or notes. The cards come in envelopes of about 4" x 6". They are sold as five in each package and shipping is free within the U.S. Sorry, these sell out fast -- I will try to make others available. Each comes in a package of five and are priced at $15 per package plus  $2 for shipping.

On Deck

Lawn Swing

What attracted me to this scene was its simplicity and semi-abstract geometric quality. The light renders an unusual quality. Full sheet juried into an AWS international exhibition.

Price: $1550

An old abandoned house site in  a small NW town. Full sheet original watercolor
Price: $1250

Below are some of my original watercolors. Most have been selected for inclusion in national or international shows) and wherever feasible I have indicated the approximate size as well as some personal comments.. Prices are as indicated. The paintings are shipped in mounted form with matting and backing. The cost of shipping is not included in the price; however, the price of the shipping is kept to a minimum since I ship the paintings without frame and glass.

Quality watercolors are traditionally displayed in a frame of wood or metal with glass or acrylic. This would need to be done at the customer's discretion through a local gallery or framer.


Blue Gothic

Birds of Pray

Two men working on a power line crane high. Nearly full size original watercolor
Price $550 

Fairhaven District

Full size Figure Painting of girl in costume.

Price: $850

Covered Wagon

Picture of items on an antique shop shelf. Full Sheet.

Price: $1250

At a Loss

AS well as original watercolors in various sizes (primarily large) I also do greeting cards. These fall into two categories. The first are reproductions of some my  original work and design; the second type are truly original (not reproductions) but cards in miniature form  about #4 x 6".  The latter are all originals and no two are alike. A few samples are shown below.

Artist Statement

My paintings represent transparent watercolor from a traditional or semi-abstract point of view. Most of my paintings begin with a shadow pattern that catches my eye. In rendering the painting, I would rather understate than overstate to emphasize pattern design and color over texture and detail. For me the most important aspect of painting are the shapes and contrasts. The vibrancy of colors further define the work. When the painting lends itself, I try to maximize the contrast range from white to almost black. I want the painting to come to life through the use of light and subtle color vibration. This is, of course, always a challenge.

I’ve always looked upon painting, particularly in the difficult medium of watercolor, as a universal language. Subject and styles may vary greatly, but we are all limited to two dimensions using paper, brushes and pigment to achieve that third dimension. Paintings may not always have a formal message, but should trigger a spark of emotional involvement in the viewer. Without that, art has little to say.